Woman In Green

Red, Blue and Yellow are the primary colors. What happens, when I leave my favorite red behind? Blue and yellow start morphing into something new – green. It reminds me of my childhood, when I used to lay upon the crisp green grass and watch the white wispy clouds as they floated across the serene blue skies, blocking the warm yellow Sun. The question is when you watch the skies, do they watch you back?

Woman in Green is a painting from 2020 series The beauty of mind.

Created using graphite and acrylics on 45 x 32 cm cardboard

Black Book of Blind

Art is about new ideas, experiments. So I was watching the #ArtAssignment about “Make a Book with Meat” and thinking about the way we see everyday objects and never question their existence. Suddenly, it came to me that “normal” books are only for people who can see. If you are for example blind, then without the Braille alphabet all regular books are as useless for you as a book with black pages and black text.⠀
So I asked myself how the world would literally look like for blind people if there were no alternatives. This is the visualization of the Black Book of Blind: A black book with a black cover, black pages and black text. I think it is also the representation of blindness as in ignorance, lack of perception and awareness of everyday struggles of others.⠀
The experiment also made me think how important the sight for many artists is and how scary the world would look like without it. By the way, a local tip for tourists in Hamburg, check the excursion called “Dialog im Dunkeln” for a short journey in the world of darkness. It is one of a kind experience. ⠀


The current like our memories flows in smooth seductive curves. Yet it hides a myriad of remorse, nostalgia and regrets. On a bright clear day you can cup your hands a take of cool memories, enjoy the cleanness and the beauty of colorful rocks and fish under the water. On rainy days it looks muddy and dark, dangerously covering the treacherous rocks underneath. And yet we all reach for this boat over and over…

Current of My Memories is a painting from 2020 series The beauty of mind.

Created using graphite on 50 x 32 cm cardboard.

Limited edition signed and numbered art prints are available. Please, contact me for details.