Woman In Green

Red, Blue and Yellow are the primary colors. What happens, when I leave my favorite red behind? Blue and yellow start morphing into something new – green. It reminds me of my childhood, when I used to lay upon the crisp green grass and watch the white wispy clouds as they floated across the serene blue skies, blocking the warm yellow Sun. The question is when you watch the skies, do they watch you back?

Woman in Green is a painting from 2020 series The beauty of mind.

Created using graphite and acrylics on 45 x 32 cm cardboard


There is a project on my table that I still have to finish.

There is a goal I have this year that I still have to achieve.

There is a note I want to write.

There is a painting I started that I have to finish.

Just do it.

This painting is the manifestation of all projects unfinished, goals not reached and tasks put aside halfway through. Every time I see it, I want to take a brush and paint that small white corner red. It bothers me. It nudges me. It is my motivation to work and create.

Created using acrylics on 60 x 50 cm canvas.

Limited edition signed and numbered art prints are available. Please, contact me for details.


In ancient Greece, the rose was closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite.

Following the Christianization of the Roman Empire, the rose became identified with the Virgin Mary. The Carthusians promoted the idea of sacred mysteries associated with the rose symbol and rose gardens.

The Sufi mystic’s quest for divine love aligns the rose with the divine names and attributes.

Sometimes a rose is simply a rose.

Created using mixed media on 50 x 70 cm wooden board.

Bought by a private collector.