In the sea of unspoken words there is her ocean. There is a fierce force trying to silence her voice, until it’s sweet like a pastel mint or small and cute like baby pink. It is done over and over and over again… Violently, jokingly, playfully, forcibly. She is ignored, shouted down, disqualified, critiqued.

And still, she is red and black. She speaks.

Created using acrylics on 70 x 50 cm canvas.

Bought by a private collector.


Wind of Thoughts is an oil portrait of a woman with white eyes. This painting depicts my mind before an important decision. It starts with a chaotic wind. The moment I decide, my mind calms like when it is immersed in water, floating weightlessly around my head, listening to the sounds of silence.

Created using oil on 30 x 20 cm canvas.